The Joker Is Wild

Magic download (video) by Creative Artists

The Joker Is Wild

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Magic download (video) by Creative Artists ($3.95)

The Joker is Wild is a new take on the well known 'Joker is Wild' plot and is a clean, in the hands, visual version with a nice kicker ending.

The effect is as follows. You remove four jokers from a deck of cards, showing both sides as you deal them to the table. With the rest of the deck, you ask a spectator to stop at any card - let's say they choose the king of spades. This king of spades is left out-jogged face down in the face down deck, and placed to the side. The selection is then pushed in flush with the other cards.

Returning to the four jokers, you begin to turn them one-by-one into the selection. Then, as a kicker ending you show the four kings are now actually a full set of kings, including clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds.

The video download includes full instructions on how to perform this routine that will make a perfect complement to any cardician's repertoire.

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