The Queen Thing

Magic download (video) by Scott Robinson
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The Queen Thing

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Magic download (video) by Scott Robinson ($10.00)

When we release magic, the quality we search for, more than anything else, is experience. We want effects that have been thoroughly worked through, tested, and honed to perfection. "The Queen Thing" is one of Scott Robinson's most coveted "pet" effects. It has it all: magic, surprise, and a twist ending. The economy of construction is such that you get maximum impact from a minimum of sleights, and every move is justified and covered. 

In effect, a selected card is mixed among four Queens. The selected card vanishes and appears in your pocket, and then instantly changes places with the four Queens. It all happens in less than a minute, and the routine is packed full of deceptive magic. 

Scott is methodical teacher, and shares insights not only into how to perform "The Queen Thing," but also why he made specific choices and implemented certain techniques. He teaches with confidence and clarity, so that you can perform "The Queen Thing" with the same precision shown in the trailer. 


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I have been doing Scott's Queen thing for a while now and I love it! So much better of a plot then just a normal card to pocket! Each move has been carefully thought out to help set you up for such a clean handling! Fully recommend!



I love twist endings---think of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "The Twilight Zone", and card tricks like "The Queen Thing".

Here Scott presents and teaches his well-structured card routine that culminates in a delightful surprise ending.  I think this effect works best as a finale---for example, preceded by a couple of strong, related effects like "Homing Card", and, perhaps, a four-Queen assembly.

However you chose to present it, this effect will give you and your audience a great deal of performance pleasure as it is well within the reach of intermediate-level card performers.  The structure of the routine will allow you to practice and execute advanced card moves under the cozy comfort of solid misdirection.

Highly recommended!



All but completely impromptu, this is an updated handling of the version Scott published in Trap Door #65. Yes, you COULD learn it from the performance video, but there are some fine touches that make the small investment well worth while. Three thumbs up!



I love this trick. It is direct, hard hitting, and the best part, no difficult sleight of hand giving you more time to focus on presentation. I love any card to pocket, but this one is even better because the spectators are totally caught off guard when you produce the queens from your pocket.

This is also great because unlike many packet tricks, all the cards can be examined afterwards, you are completely clean. No gimmicks or extra cards that you have to get rid of.

This is great as an opener because you don't want to spend a lot of time building to your climax, but you still want it to be powerful. This effect delivers both. However, I believe it is strong enough to also be a closer. No matter where you put it in your set your spectators will be blown away.



This is one of my favorite downloads! Very convincing, every move has its reason to be, it is simply a very well-constructed magic effect. You will not get disappointed! It is now in my professional repertoire and I think that if you buy it you also are going to add it to your repertoire.


BGG Reviewer

A wonderful asymmetrical transposition!


Transpositions can be one of the most powerful visual effects in magic, and this asymmetrical transposition comes from Scott Robinson, described by some as an "underground legend" in magic. This effect was originally published in Trapdoor magazine, and several magicians have done different versions of it; this is Scott's take (the name is also his), which he has been refining and performing for over 25 years.


?You begin by introducing the "five card trick", showing the four queens, and allowing the spectator to select a random card as the fifth card, which is added to the packet. Now the magic begins: first the packet is then shown one card at a time, and the spectator's card has vanished - all that remains are the four queens. Then there's another moment of magic: you reach into your pocket and pull out the four queens one at a time! And what about the packet of queens in your hand? That's revealed for the final twist: it has turned into the spectator's selection!


What you get for around $10 is an instant digital download of the video which teaches the effect. The video is just under 8 minutes long in total, and begins with a performance with a spectator, followed by just over 6 minutes of explanation. The file is a 175 MB download, and the quality is excellent, with good sound and visuals all round, as well as several camera angles, including close-ups of the cards.


?Scott does a good job of explaining everything. Even though it's not a long video, he doesn't waste time, and covers all the essentials cleanly and smoothly; I wasn't left with any questions by the time the explanation was done. I also appreciated the fact that he gives attention to all the small details that really help make this trick work, including how to display the cards at critical points, and careful wording of the patter. A real strength of the video is that it not only explains the method, but also all the details of the presentation.


Skill with some basic sleights is assumed and required, such as false counts, p**ming, and some steals and other moves. So this trick will be beyond the beginner, even though Scott does briefly explain these moves. There are also quite a number of small nuances about the handling to remember, with some important subtleties and convincers that help maintain and sell the illusion.


This effect can't be formed entirely impromptu, because a small amount of preparation is required, but no gaffs are required - it's all sleight of hand. Since the effect involves a card to pocket, you'll also need the appropriate attire. But it is a powerful effect with some very surprising moments, and as the routine progresses there are three moments of real magic, the final one being the strongest when the four queens are shown to have turned into the spectator's chosen card.

?As far as asymmetrical transpositions go, this is a very fun and strong routine, that has had the benefit of Scott's careful refinement with the experience of more than two decades of performance. So it's something tried and proven in the real world. As such it's a real worker, and is something that once learned and mastered can be used over and over, for example if working tables in a restaurant setting.


For the intermediate magician, The Queen Thing is well worth the effort to learn, given the impact it has, and the striking impression that an asymmetrical transposition can create. Well done Scott Robertson!

- BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame