Magic download (video) by Patrick Kun
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Magic download (video) by Patrick Kun ($6.00)

From inside the head of Patrick Kun comes an extremely visual routine involving a signed card and 2 jokers. Patrick's magic is fooling, well constructed and direct. If you are a fan of Patrick's work, you will love this. If you are unfamiliar with his work, prepare to become a fan!

Here's the deal. You (the magician), place two jokers on to the table. Just two jokers. The other person (the spectator), then selects and signs a card. That card is openly placed back into the deck. Instantly, you slowly spread the two jokers to reveal a face down card has magically (yes, magically)-- appeared in between the two jokers.

Is it just any card? No. It's THEIR signed card.

This is CARBONÉ.

Nearly 20 minutes of instruction including gimmicked and nongimmicked variations, all taught with the Patrick Kun touch.


Customer reviews for Carboné

Utah Patel

Patrick is one of the finest card magicians of todays world! Visual, organic, wonderful magic!