Magic download (video) by Joshua Jay
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Magic download (video) by Joshua Jay ($14.95)

An Impromptu Routine in which a borrowed bill appears inside a SPECTATOR'S wallet!

Imagine borrowing a bill and, with EMPTY hands, you tear off a corner and give it to a spectator. Then with EMPTY hands you cause the bill to disappear. The spectator opens his wallet and discovers his bill inside...the corner is a perfect fit! 

CORNERED is not just a trick but a concept. A special fold allows you to dispense with serial number erasing, thumbtips, and wax. You fold the bill and you're ready to perform! CORNERED allows you to make a borrowed bill appear ANYWHERE: in a potato, in a piece of gum, in a sealed envelope, or in someone's pocket. 

Thanks to our friends at Penguin Magic, we are able to offer you this great routine, available here for the first time. This download is professionally filmed on location in Europe, and has better production values than many DVDs. This item could easily be sold separately for 35 dollars, but we're offering it here for only $14.95.

Running time: 13 minutes, 36 seconds.


Customer reviews for Cornered


this one is SO good...
you MUST have it.
i personally adapted it (the principle/method) in a card version.


Dgo Flourishes

The effect is so simple that it makes it soo amazing if you dont have this trick and u want to do an impromptu torn bill to wallet GET IT


Brandon Smith

It is one of those, why didn't I think of that tricks. It makes so much sense and the reset is amazing.


Channee Somphorn

The first two times one of my magic buddy perform this, It totally fooled me, I had no idea how it was done. It hurts so bad that I had to get it and learn the secret. I was not disappointed at all :). It's really easy to perform, and once you prepare one, you are set for life. Don't hesitate, just download it and learn this amazing trick by Joshua Jay. Did I mention it's only 15 bucks? a trick that you could perform in the spur of the moment and probably for the rest of your life for only 15 bucks. Get it NOW!!


Zach Holder

This trick is amazing almost impromptu but not. You set up the trick once costing you just an extra dollar and you are set for life. Most versions of this trick requires thumb tips and other gimmicks this routine is completely ungimmicked very easy this video needs only one view to learn the trick. This trick is also cleaner than the gimmicked versions making Joshua's version extremely better all together. I highly recommend this trick no gimmicks no pickpocketing a six year old could do this.


Jason Silberman

This idea by Joshua is so great! It's practical and you are set to go at all times.


Henrik Kaur

This is such a great piece of magic! So well thought out! Can work for stage or close up. Impromptu!


This trick is absolutely amazing. There is a setup but it's extremely simple to do and once you do it, you can make the torn bill appear pretty much anywhere you want. BUY IT!


Randy Masters

I love this!!!!!!!