New York Coin Magic Seminar - Volume 2 (Copper/Silver)

Magic download (video) by David Roth, Kainoa Harbottle, Michael Rubinstein, Geoff Latta and Mike Gallo ($15.00)

One of the most magical things a performer can do is changing one object into another and that is the theme of this volume on Copper/Silver routines. Vanishes, changes and transpositions are just some of the things covered in Volume 2!


  • Twilight Zone Wild Coin (Rubinstein) 
  • The Merlini Purse Routine (Rubinstein) 
  • Wild Coin (Roth) 
  • Wild Coin with a Purse (Roth) 
  • Workers Wild Coin (Roth) 
  • Wild Coin (Gallo) 
  • Wild Coin 2 (Gallo) 
  • Wild Coin 3 (Gallo) 
  • Cop Sil Brass (Latta) 
  • Copper Sandwhich (Rubinstein) 
  • Triple Change (Roth) 
  • 2 Copper 1 Silver Transpostion (Gallo)


  • Wild Pocket (Harbottle) 
  • Copper Silver Coins across (Latta) 
  • Wild Coin Discussion (Gallo) 
  • Wild coin Alternate Handling (Gallo)
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Customer reviews for New York Coin Magic Seminar - Volume 2 (Copper/Silver)

Ryan Lockwood

Just a few thoughts, For starters, NYCMS is one of the best purchases you can make in magic.

Twilight Zone Wild Coin is a BEAUTIFUL routine! If you like Twilight Zone you have no excuse to perform this routine!

David Roths Workers Wild Coin, is just that! Nearly no sleight of hand and yet the coins change change and change again! and its all self contained!
However, The way David performs this to me seems to cross the line of the to perfect theory... You are left with nothing else to believe BUT the method. I prefer to perform the changes more like you would if you were doing the standard versions of the trick with sleight of hand. And leave the change at the end to be super visual and clean (even though they all are, i act like i am hiding stuff to add a layer of deception to the first few changes).
I practically worship David Roth so this constitutes a extreme exception when i have a difference of opinion and dont take his word as absolute truth.

Cop Sil Brass isnt a routine i am going to perform atleast anytime soon since i am fairly set with my acts BUT this was maybe the most visually stunning coin routine i have ever seen.


Miquel Ortega Pujol

I'm amazed! This is unbelievable! Is like to have the teachers at home. And such a teachers! The best magicians in the world! Any routine and any tip is pure gold.