Audacious 2

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Magic download (ebook) by Abhinav Bothra ($14.99)

Audacious 2 - magic

Stop your pulse, plant thoughts, influence choices and demonstrate the most impossible coincidence.

Asystole- A one of a kind impromptu pulse stopping effect where your palm can be face up all the time with nothing covering it.
Note: You will need a basic knowledge of methods for pulse-stopping effects

Your heart beat gets synchronized with a song someone sings/plays or even with a mobile ringtone.

Time Frame 2.0- Force any time without the help of any prop or preparation.

Influence- Make people believe that you can influence choices with nothing except a small packet of playing cards.

Card @ Cut 2 no.- A twisted version to CAAN where even the audience is unaware of the number until the last minute. Can be done with a borrowed and shuffled deck.


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