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Live lecture by Michael Ammar
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Michael Ammar Live Lecture

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Live lecture by Michael Ammar ($7.95)

In our never-ending quest to innovate and expand, we are expanding our little "empire" to bring you LIVE LECTURE EXPERIENCES with the sort of names you have come to enjoy from Vanishing Inc. Magic.

Michael Ammar is the undisputed "best" lecturer of all time, and we have chosen him to inaugurate. Many of us have seen Michael Ammar lecture before, at a convention or magic club. But you have NEVER seen Michael Ammar like this. Michael will perform some things he has never lectured on before, and will also speak candidly with host Joshua Jay about his career, advice for other magicians, philosophy on creativity, what the future holds for magic and Michael, and more. We'll ask him about his time with Vernon, what it is like to perform in exotic countries, and what excites him MOST about magic in 2014. This will be up close, personal, and a riveting two hours.

You'll have an opportunity throughout the lecture to ask questions via your computer; this is your chance to interact with living legend Michael Ammar!

What is in the Michael Ammar Live Lecture

In this two hour live event, you'll see lots of tricks, Michael will take your questions, and he'll even delve into things you may have NOT seen him do at conventions or lectures. Like: 

Broken and Restored Screen: This is Michael's newest "go-to" impromptu effect. Borrow someone's phone and crack the glass on the screen. SHOW THEM graphic detail how the broken screen looks and feels...then magically restore the phone and hand it back to them. Michael will discuss how he developed this effect, how a packing bubble can enhance the illusion, and how you can make the simple gimmick needed to perform. 

Rubber Band Jam: Michael Ammar does Crazy Man's Handcuffs—a rubber band penetration—better than anyone alive. It's likely you do this effect as well. But we're going to go over several fine points that he has never tipped before, and how Richard Ross influenced his presentation in ways you haven't realized. We'll talk about Ammar's concept of the "delayed revelation" that can be applied to countless effects you already do. 

Pencil Through Coin: This is NOT the version you know. Michael Ammar consulted on a television special where this effect was used, and the method is FANTASTIC and NEW—new as in "brand new," never before lectured on. Mr. Ammar will use his "At the Table" performance to debut this effect and its unusual handling to the magic community. 

Hardcore Card Jam: Michael Ammar has chops—great chops, and he has had great teachers. We rarely get to see Michael's chops up close because he often performs for groups of 50, 100, or 1000 people at a time. Well, on February 5th, we'll see him up close and personal, with camera work that will get each of us within inches of his hands. He'll give us a masterclass on the Side Steal, some palms, and more. 

He will discuss his theory of "Technical Alchemy," the idea that the best ideas are often stripped down to the irreducible minimum, so that the only actions, words, and movements included in an effect play some positive role.

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Customer reviews for Michael Ammar Live Lecture


This lecture was absolutely great! Josh and Michael discuss great questions and showed so amazing effects! Definitely worth downloading! I am looking forward to the rest of the At The Table lectures!



Attending this lecture was an absolute joy! I really dug this lecture format and it is a nice change from the traditional format.

I feel as though I got to see a different side to Michael and know him as a person better.

Michael really covered alot in the 2 hour span, despite the fact that this was not a 'trick after trick after trick' type lecture.

My jaw hit the floor when Michael busted out a serial number divination from a borrowed bill...what not expecting that!

Thank you Vanishing Inc. for giving us this gift. I still can't believe it only cost 1 little dollar to attend this. Best dollar investment ever!



A real life, up close and personal visit with one of the best teachers in our craft. Much more than just new tricks (and those are great) but in-depth discussion of some classics, as well as a peek into the future.
A great use of the technology: Highly recommended.



I'm so glad I bought this lecture. Michael Ammar not only has a love of magic (and a love of sharing magic) but an understanding of how to manage his audience in a way that would benefit anyone that performs in front of other people. All you need to do is compare his Letterman appearance to every other magician on Letterman and you can see the skill he has in audience management. Well worth the time and time and money. (I also loved the master class.)



As always very entertaining and very creative lecture. Micheal Ammar keeps your attention not just with amazing story's but very smart and well thought out magic. You learn some very classic magic from the best teacher and some new material, a good insight on whats next for Micheal Ammar. Well worth the price, and I look forward to future lectures. Great job vanishing inc.


BGG Reviewer

SUMMARY: A chance to spend two hours learning from one of the modern greats of magic


Michael Ammar was named by Magic magazine as one of the most influential magicians of the 20th century. Certainly he is highly regarded by the magic industry as one of its best ambassadors and teachers. So for the very first At The Table episode, who better to feature on the program than Michael Ammar? Joshua Jay is the inaugural host, and does a fantastic job of interacting with Michael for this session, which would pave the way for the many sessions with other magicians that would follow. The beauty of this format is obvious: it allows viewers from around the world to witness a magic lecture, with technology giving them opportunity to ask questions on the fly. Multiple camera angles ensure a front-row seat and visuals that even top witnessing it in person - plus you can have repeated viewings as often as you like. While Michael Ammar has delivered many lectures to hundreds of people, never before was his live audience so large as this time, with the help of technology!

The At The Table lecture with Michael Ammar was filmed and broadcast on 5 February 2014. Altogether the video lasts for just over two hours. It's also available from the many Murphy's Magic retailers, such as Vanishing Inc Magic here.


Since many magicians have previously seen lectures from Ammar, rather than reprise material from his usual presentations, Michael made a deliberate effort to cover all new material here. So what was included in this particular lecture?

- Analysis of Letterman TV segment: To begin with, in the first half hour Michael Ammar and Joshua Jay view and analyse Michael's performance on David Letterman's Late Show in 2010. This included four effects, and you can see the original performance:

- Silk Through Mug: Ammar surprises Letterman by a beautiful penetration of a sil through the arm of a coffee mug. This section includes an explanation of how the effect was performed, and the gimmicks used.

- Pressure: While this isn't taught, this phase of the routine features Ammar performing Daniel Garcia's "Pressure", in which a cell phone visually and magically penetrates a balloon.

- Topit Phone Vanish: Next Ammar vanishes the phone with the help of a Topit, and he explains some of its benefits and uses, including how to use it while seated.

- Little Hand: This coin vanish features a little hand by Bob Farmer reaching out and visually stealing a coin. It's extremely charming and made a great close to the segment.

- Broken and Restored Screen: Here Michael teaches how to do an impromptu effect with a friend's phone, apparently first breaking the screen, and quickly fixing it. It's not difficult to create the gimmick required, and Ammar explains everything necessary to perform it.

- Pencil Through Coin: Ammar has been developing a new approach to this old effect, and debuts what this looks like. At the time this was still something he was developing, so it can be considered a sneak peek of a work in progress.

- Impromptu Card Effects: Joshua gives Ammar a deck of cards and asks him to demonstrate what he'd perform impromptu if handed some playing cards, which gives Ammar opportunity to demonstrate a simple "pick a card" effect which involves a nice side-steal and easy to use revelation. He also goves on to explain a quick transposition effect, and then an impromptu effect with a credit card which produces a coin.

- Bill Serial Number: In a departure from his usual style, this segment has Ammar perform and then explain a stunning mentalist effect in which he divines the serial number of a bill borrowed from a spectator. He uses a very offbeat presentation that involves telling a joke, and the sleight required is very straight forward and easy to do. Great routine!

- Add A Number: This is a well known-effect in which spectators contribute numbers which are added together to produce a total predicted by the magician, but Ammar offers an interesting tack where this is presented as a mentalist effect rather than a prediction effect.

- Crazy Man's Handcuffs: This is perhaps my favourite part of the video. In an elaborate section, Ammar carefully runs through this classic of rubber band magic in which two rubber bands penetrate each other. Like many others, I learned this effect a long time ago, but Ammar teaches some important nuances about the handling that really helps make this work well. And if you're new to this effect, this is a great place to learn it.

- Broken and Restored Rubber Band: This is a great follow-up to the Crazy Man's Handcuffs, and Ammar shows how to move from one to the next, and explains a couple of ways to perform this.

- Question and Answers: Throughout the episode, there are regular questions that are asked by the online audience, which Joshua puts to Ammar, and a couple of times there is also interaction with the live audience that is in the studio. The final 30 minutes of the session focuses on Ammar taking questions from the online audience, which cover a wide range of magic-related topics.


Any time spent with Michael Ammar is well worthwhile, and here you get more than two full hours worth! What I especially appreciated about the segment with Letterman was not only Ammar's explanation of how he performed the effects, but his insider's perspective about performing on TV, and how he handled the challenges this poses. This is a world foreign to most of us, and it was fascinating to hear what this experience was like for him.

An At The Table episode like this is great value, because it covers performances and explanations of multiple tricks. Not everything demonstrated is explained, such as the Phone in Balloon trick (Pressure) or the new Pencil Through Coin method. But the majority of the effects are shown and explained, and the tips Michael Ammar gives on handling are often invaluable. Purchasing a video for a single trick often sets you back $10, so for less than that you get a whole series of classics and new effects to watch and learn. I especially found the section on the Crazy Man's Handcuffs just terrific, and it will really help me improve my own performance of this beautiful classic.

Michael Ammar is not only a big name in magic, but he's also a gentleman and great guy, and his conversational style and interaction with Joshua Jay (who is terrific as well) is a real pleasure to watch. I especially enjoyed his many off-the-cuff comments and responses to questions, and there's so much to be gained from listening to this man besides just learning a new trick. Areas covered throughout the video include topics like what inspires him to try new things; the difference between performing for the public versus teaching magicians; how to structure an act; the impact of the internet and the future of the magic industry; how to get restaurant gigs and how to introduce yourself to a restaurant table. Towards the end he also shares some hilarious anecdotes about Dai Vernon, from whom Ammar learnt a great deal.


The At The Table lectures are excellent value, given the amount of material on each episode, the relatively low cost, and the opportunity to sit at the feat of world-famous magicians. This inaugural episode was an outstanding show, and the content still holds its own a few years after it was first produced. If you haven't yet seen it, I highly recommend it, because besides the obvious performances and explanations of multiple tricks, you'll also learn a lot from the more general insights that Ammar shares in this very intimate close-up setting. Recommended!

- BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame