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Live lecture by Steven Brundage
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Steven Brundage Live Lecture

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Live lecture by Steven Brundage ($7.95)

You may be familiar with Steven's work in more ways than one. The video of himself using Rubik's Cube magic to get out of a speeding ticket went viral. Since, he has made countless TV appearances on Penn & Teller Fool Us, Good Morning America, and The Steve Harvey Show, just to name a few. Within the past couple of years, his popularity has escalated and he can now be found incessantly performing for the corporate world.

Join Steven Brundage At The Table and learn how to promote yourself and get more clients. He will also go in depth about some new Rubik's Cube effects as well as some you may be familiar with on his hit DVD Cube 3. Not only will you learn visual effects with a Cube, but Steven will teach his two favorite ace selections; one with a really nice twist and the other with a killer ending you'll have to see to believe.


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Running time: 1:53
After seeing Steven on Fool Us and AGT, I bought this simply because I like him. I don't plan on performing the cube tricks, but was interested in how they work and what else he does.

Tricks explained:
- a torn off corner of a selected card appears inside a rubik's cube (or anywhere). As seen on AGT. Great trick that can be adapted.
- how to "solve" a rubik's cube that is placed in a bag, thrown up behind your back, etc. As seen on AGT and Fool Us.
- false cube shuffle
- finding all four Aces (ends with a spectator naming a number between 10-20, and he cuts out exactly that many cards)

He talks about cube maintenance and tension adjustments. He shows the AGT trick where the spectator chooses a color, and that color ends up on the bottom of the cube, but he doesn't explain it.

The last 30 minutes are all about busking and booking shows--how much to charge (yes, he gives specific numbers), when to raise prices, and so on. If you're a new magician and are trying to make money, this section may be extremely valuable to you.

He also discusses how his video went viral, how to capitalize on that sort of fleeting fame, and talks about his time on Fool Us. As you can see, not a lot of tricks were shown. You should treat this as more of an interview when deciding whether to buy, unless one of those tricks really appeals to you.


BGG Reviewer

OVERVIEW: This episode of At The Table from 2016 features magician Steven Brundage, who gained fame in the mass market through successful performances on TV shows like America's Got Talent and Penn & Teller's Fool Us, where he performed his Rubik's Cube magic.

CONTENTS: The Steven Brundage lecture includes coverage of the following effects (description taken from show notes):
- Corner to Cube: A variation of an effect Steven performed on America's Got Talent. The spectator holds the cube and selects a card. With sleeves rolled up, the corner of the selection is torn off and vanishes only to appear inside the cube that the spectator has been holding in view the whole time.
- Tips on Finger Flicking: Steven gives his best advice on how to be more efficient in solving a cube.
- Toss Solve: A non-gimmicked Rubik's cube is mixed and tossed into the air. Within the blink of an eye, it is solved.
- Bag Solve: As seen on America's Got Talent, a mixed cube is placed into a bag and within seconds the cube is solved.
- Behind the Back Solve: This effect that has received over two million views and has even gotten Steven out of a speeding ticket. A mixed cube is tossed behind the back and once it's caught, it is completely solved.
- 4 Ace Trick: A fooling four ace routine that has a kicker estimation ending.

IMPRESSIONS: I was impressed by the fact that the entire video is almost 2 hours long. It has some very helpful tips and information in it. One of the highlights for me was a very nice "corner of a card to another location" (including inside a cube that is in the spectator’s hands) that is taught well. This effect will be a powerful addition to any magician's repertoire, is easy to learn, and seems completely impossible. He also teaches the effect he performed on TV, where an unsolved cube is placed into a paper bag, after which the cube is solved magically inside the bag with no one reaching in.

Steven also shares the secret to one of his most famous tricks: solving the Rubik’s cube in a single toss behind the back. This was the trick that he used to get out of a speeding ticket, the video of which went viral online. The Rubik’s cube is a well-recognized item, and being able to solve it with magic in a single toss has a great reaction and is something amazing! It will require practice, especially for those not used to using Rubik’s cubes, but Steven also does give a nice source to help learn how to solve the cube. He does also give some tips to allow you to help solve the cube quicker with some nice finger flicking. I have a number of Rubik's Cube enthusiasts in my household, so this was good material they could use, and they could build on what they already knew to start performing Steven's behind-the-back solve without too much difficulty.

RECOMMENDATION: Because card magic is something that is often seen or at least heard of, seeing magic with a Rubik’s Cube is something new and very effective. The majority of people cannot solve the cube, and it is often seen and associated as something very hard to solve and time consuming. Seeing the cube get solved in itself fascinates people, and yet when they see it mixed and solved in a simple toss makes people dumbfounded! Even just one of these tricks he teaches is worth the whole video - yet you get much more out of it. If you are a magician looking for something new to learn for your magic, it is a great idea to try out and watch this episode. If you love solving Rubik’s Cubes and that is your hobby (which is the case for several members of my family), watching this gives something to learn that will easily impress people even more than just solving the cube, and you will have a lot of fun learning and performing it!

- BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame



very good!