The Empty Multiple Out Envelope

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Magic download (video) by Scott Creasey ($29.95)

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The Empty Multiple Out Envelope - magic

In this 40 minute instant download video, Scott explains and demonstrates how to manufacture the "Empty Multiple Out Envelope", a utility device he has been using in both his close up and stand up performances for years.

With a couple of envelopes and a pair of scissors, once you have watched this video you will be able to manufacture one of these deceptive envelopes in less than a minute.

Finally Scott will teach you the simple handling required using different styles and sizes of envelope, along with two of his favourite routines, one for stage or cabaret and the other for close up.

If you are looking for a practical multiple out envelope with dozens of mentalism and magic applications, then "The Empty Multiple Out Envelope" is for you.

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Larry Brodahl

It does exactly what it says it will. It is as easy to make as he says. It looks as good as he says. And I had a I emailed him. Got back an answer that solved my problem.

This is a heckuva product. Well worth the money.