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DVD by SOM ($26.60 - normally $35.00)

Possibly discontinued.
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Delusion - magic

In this debut release from 'Secret Of Magic' (aka.SOM) you will learn 3 strong and extremely visual changes with 7 routines. This collection is comprised of material for the working professional in all of us. You can perform with any deck of cards.

Shot in HD with 2 multiple angles for easy learning. S.O.M walks you through everything you need and the routines for each of the moves.

Triple Snaps: A super fast card color change. 3 changes in a second! You can show 4 Aces (or any other face) and another 4-of-a-kind at once!

Valkyrie : An beautiful change which happens as you gently stroke the card

Routine 1 : The magician shuffles the deck and selects one card. He show the back of the card and then change. Then, all of the cards change!

Routine 2 : A fast paced routine in which a joker changes to a selection, the back of the selection changes color and then suddenly changes back to a joker!

Sopht : A color change which happens while the card is stuck out from the middle of the deck. It is taught with a clear deck to make learning the change as easy as possible.

Routine 1: The magician shows one Ace on the table. The spectator selects one card. The magician says "Your card is already on the table." Magician lifts up the Aces and shows it but it's not the spectator's card. However, the magician inserts ace middle of the deck and then shakes it softly. Sure enough, the Ace changes into the selected card.

Routine 2: The magician puts a joker inside a box. The spectator selects one card. The magician takes it and then inserts it in the middle of the deck. The selected card changes to the Joker once the magician shakes the deck. It has transposed with the card in the box!

Routine 3: Two red Aces are shown on the card box. The spectator selects two cards. The magician shuffles the deck and makes a gesture. First, the selected card appears in the middle of the red aces. The magician gestures another time and the second card is found inside box. Finally, the magician shows all of the cards and they change to Aces!

Prime (Bonus): If you find this 'easter egg', you will learn a very visual change. But we wont give you the details here. You'll have to find it!


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