Trick Deck - Real Deck

DVD by Kenton Knepper
34.95 Possibly discontinued.
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Trick Deck - Real Deck

34.95 usd

DVD by Kenton Knepper (34.95)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
Trick Deck - Real Deck - magic
Trick Deck - Real Deck Trick Deck - Real Deck


We highly suggest that you watch this DVD with a deck of cards in hand. You'll learn the moves easier and you'll be even more astonished when you see it in your own hands.

Our description cannot do this justice. If you have ever seen Kenton perform the routine with a deck that keeps changing into a trick deck, after it has been examined, and back again, then you are already rushing to the bottom of the page to order this DVD.

For those who have never seen this live, we'll do our best to give you a taste of what happens in this trademark, entirely mad, routine.

Kenton removes a deck from a card case marked TRICK DECK. He precedes to explain what this "special deck" does.

The deck is fanned faces outward. All the red cards are seen on the faces - red cards only. But when Kenton shows the backs of the cards - the backs are all of the BLACK CARDS. That's right - a double-faced deck shown openly in a wide fan - front and back.

But then... The deck is openly fanned to show ALL BACKS on BOTH SIDES. Not just one or two backs are seen. Many backs are visible on all sides, from the top to the bottom of the deck.

And then... All the black cards turn face up in the deck. A selected card is peeked at and after some byplay, Kenton names the card. Big deal? He "explains" that this is easy because after all the shuffles and mixes the deck is in perfect order - and it is. Then he has the spectator examine the deck.


Did we mention this is all just "Phase One" of a four phase routine?

The deck is repeatedly shuffled by the performer, even by the spectator, yet the deck always separates into reds and black cards! It's "Oil and Water" with a FULL DECK. Kenton shows that the deck is "really one of those Svengali Decks" and shows how these decks work with his deck. Then... yep, you guessed it... the deck is immediately handed to a spectator who finds that the deck is a REAL DECK again.

From here, things just get wilder. The deck becomes "marked", turns colors, shrinks, goes blank, and becomes a different kind of Svengali Deck again with the spectator's card. AT ANY TIME the deck is handed to the spectator and shown to be a REAL DECK. Then, the deck vanishes!

There is also an amazing and ingenious "Lazy Man's Ambitious" routine by Kenton that includes a full deck Triumph, the signed card turning over repeatedly in the deck, jumping from pocket to the deck, etc.


Important psychology and other concepts are dropped during the explanations that will blow your mind when you stop to really ponder them too.

Spectator's and performers who have seen this routine have called it:


"Utter madness"

"A head-spinner like no other"

"The most bizarre and startling routine ever performed with a deck of cards"

"I know I am sober, but if I didn't know better, someone spiking my cola is about the only explanation I have."

The most riotous and memorable fun an audience can have with a deck of cards... at least in public.

You may not do all of the material in this astounding routine. That's fine. The routine was built so that you can pick and choose ideas, moves, concepts and effects and use them in your own way. You need not do everything together at all. You can do just as Kenton does however if you wish.

There are so many startlingly new and unusual original ideas and presentations here that even a casual card person will likely be delighted. The material is remarkable enough to be performed by the most ardent card enthusiasts as well. Challenge yourself or perform the parts that are easy to do instantly. Pick and choose how you will use these effects - and watch your audiences as they slip into a near trance state...

In fact, Kenton talks about the altered state created with this routine and also what he does with that in part of his last phase. Some of you may also want to use this routine as a "confusion technique" and put people into a real trance if you are so trained in such methods (KWA Students - Are you listening? We knew you were!)

Saying all of this, the only way you'll really grasp how wild this entire routine is will be by performing it yourself.

There is NOTHING like Kenton's constant alchemy of "Trick Deck/Real Deck".

NOW you can learn it all at last.

You will never look at card tricks or a deck of cards the same again.

Then again, neither will your spectators.

(Certain aspects of "Trick Deck/Real Deck" are best suited for those with some skill at cards. This is not a beginning card routine. There are aspects that may be performed easily. Other portions of "Trick Deck/Real Deck" will take practice.)

We highly suggest you watch this DVD with deck in hand... nothing beats seeing this live in your own hands. This will help you in learning the moves too.

Running Time Approximately 77min


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