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Trick by Luca Volpe and Rento Contini ($43.00)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
#Augmented - magic
#Augmented #Augmented #Augmented #Augmented

If reality isn't good enough, it's time to augment it with #Augmented!

A spectator chooses a card. You have them hold your business card in their hand. Using your phone, you show them a taste of augmented reality as onscreen your business card goes black, changes colors, and then turns into the selected card.

Don't want a selected card? You can customize this effect to a revelation of a word, symbol, etc. Use your imagination!

Once you buy and receive the kit, you send a photo of your business card and select a template of the revelation, and you get back an augmented reality animation to use with an app. And that's just one option. Finally, you can customize a magic trick specifically for your business card and the effect you want. 

#Augmented also provides you 3 bonus effects:

  • The spectator selects a card. You place a different card on his hand, and watch it change into his selection through the camera phone!
  • Create a symbol and watch it transform into the spectator's chosen drawing!
  • A random word is selected and then revealed on a special card that is included in the package.

Here is what you will get in the kit:

  • Special pvc card with all the codes you need to access your account. This enables you to choose one of the five revelations to use with your own graphic! (Each card will have a different code, so you can buy more than one to access all the animations.)
  • Special business card with a special printed symbol to use for the word revelation
  • 3 bonus effects included
  • Video tutorials link
  • App to trigger the Augmented Reality (this works on both iOS and Android)
  • Tech support to make your trademark unique and shocking
  • Special discount code for personalized Augmented Reality creations (if in the future, you decide to have a personalized animation, our team will be able to create anything you can imagine)

Discover the secret that will guarantee you repeated bookings! However, only 150 will be sold, so get your custom magic trick today!


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