Bicycle Tragic Royalty USPCC

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Bicycle Tragic Royalty USPCC - magic

A deck of Bicycle playing cards with Tragic Faces design on Royalty Face Cards. Cards glow under blacklight.


Customer reviews for Bicycle Tragic Royalty USPCC

Richard Pot

This deck won't be everyone's cup of tea, since it has a few unique elements about it. Firstly, the artwork is somewhat unusual, with non-standard courts - these folks all look as if they've been hit by tragedy. It's cartoon style, so it's not offensive or ugly, but is more humorous. Secondly, the colours are all grey, red, and black. The cards apparently glow under black light, but I haven't had a chance to see this. In normal daylight, the colours are merely okay and nothing stunning. But if you like the artwork style, it will appeal.