A Pocketful of Miracles

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Book by Hugh Miller ($29.95)

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A Pocketful of Miracles - magic
A Pocketful of Miracles A Pocketful of Miracles A Pocketful of Miracles A Pocketful of Miracles A Pocketful of Miracles

A Pocketful of Miracles is an incredible collection of magic specifically for impromptu performer. Be ready anytime you need, be it at a table, standing up, with items your have on you or around you! Buy your copy today and always be ready to perform!

Included are:

9 Chapter One At the Dinner Table
11 Coin Through Saucer
13 Coin From Bread Roll
13 Coin Vanish
14 Coin and Glass of Water
15 Inflation
16 Coin Tester
16 Balancing Coins
18 Phoenix Matches
19 Smokeless Cigarettes
19 Multiplying Matches
21 Musical Cutlery
22 Telepathic Tapping
24 Psychic Steam
25 Burning Sugar
26 Production of a Glass of Wine
28 Bending a Spoon
32 Salt Transposition
33 Seven-Cornered Napkin
36 Surprise Penetration
39 Vanishing Shaker

41 Chapter Two Impromptu Magic Anywhere!
43 Evaporating Scent
46 Disappearing Pen
48 Drink Cards
51 Horrific
53 Telekinesis
54 Vanishing Ring
58 Maxwell's Miracle
60 Coin Penetration
63 Optical Change
64 How Much?
66 Penny Through the Table
69 Minus One Leaves None
72 Lightning Coin Vanish
74 Something From Nothing
80 Bottled
83 Tantalizing Pencil
86 Comedy Juggling
88 Predetermined
89 Thumbprints
90 Dead Fruit
91 Knife Through Coat
96 Bottle Miracle
100 Satan's Ring
102 Coin Thru - Plus
103 NIM
106 Spotted
107 Money Mystery
113 Torn Up
114 Colour Preview
117 Untangled
118 Match Quickies
118 - One
122 - Two
123 - Three
123 - Four
124 Impromptu Prediction
127 Index


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A Pocketful of Miracles by Hugh Miller