Armstrong Magic 1 - 3

By Jon Armstrong

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Jon Armstrong has worked his act more than almost any other close-up magician we know. Starting off as the resident magician at Walt Disney World, Florida, then onto Caesar's Magical Empire and now the Magic Castle, where he regularly performs his close-up magic.

He's funny, confident, knows how to work a crowd and is a hit with lay audiences. He's much more of a "lay audience magician" than a "magician's magician", but that should make these DVDs from L&L far more attractive than many of the other DVDs on the market.
In these three volumes (which really are worth picking up as set, as opposed to individually), Jon tips the complete work on his close-up act, plus a whole load of other material (pretty much all card magic). Here's some Vanishing Inc. highlights:
Out of this Blah - the Out of this World routine that Andi Gladwin has used for years, since Jon originally taught it him. It fools everyone.
3 Blank Monte - an original 3 Card Monte routine using three blank cards and a spectator's signature.
Ice Cream You Scream - a clever use of a popular modern principle that involves magic happening long after you've gone home!
Jon's act - the individual components of this act are fantastic. But when they're routined together, they're amazing!
Second deal - learn Jon's handling of the push-off second deal.
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Also available individually as DVDs or downloads:

Armstrong Magic #1

Armstrong Magic #1 : $35.00

Includes: What If?, Red and Black, Personal Organizer, Putting Things Together, Ice Cream You Scream, Ambitious Card, Boxed Fold and the Gin Pick.

Armstrong Magic #2

Armstrong Magic #2 : $35.00

Includes: The $10,000 Card Test Plus, Jon's Opening Act, Hoff's Glasses, Instant Sandwich, Dyslexia, Balls To The Wall and VSM.

Armstrong Magic #3

Armstrong Magic #3 : $35.00

Includes: 3 Blank Monte, Numbering, Royal Open Relationships, Goal Triumph, Out Of This Blah, The Biddle Trick, Triple T  and a workshop on the Second Deal.


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