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Fans of clean, visual card magic are sure to appreciate the power of Clign from Anthony Stan. If you want to learn how to do incredible card changes without touching the deck, look no further.

Imagine inserting a card into the middle of the deck so it's impossible to manipulate the cards. You just put your hand in front of the card and it changes to the chosen card (as an example). You can give the card and the deck out for examination.

Clign is simple, visual and practical. Anthony teaches everything you need to know, as well as seven effects, extra variations and ideas. Clign allows you to do any of the following: appearing card, vanishing card, colour change, transposition, cigarette penetration, prediction change, tricks with a borrowed smartphone and more.

  • Easy to do
  • Endless possibilities
  • Visual, simple and practical
  • Over 40 minutes of detailed instructions in English and French
  • 7 powerful effects (Print, Card to pocket, Under the cello, Photo, Cigarette through card, A-cross, Moving ink)
  • Variations and bonus ideas included

Clign is perfect for anyone wanting to take their card magic to the next level. Powerful, visual card magic from Anthony Stan that's easy to learn and just as easy to perform.

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