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En Route - magic

John G. is one of our closest friends and we ALWAYS love collaborating with him. So, you can imagine our excitement when we received the advance copy of En Route in the mail! As magicians, being en route is about being on a continual creative expedition, always moving forward with two goals in mind:

1. To strengthen magic through one-degree improvements

2. To transport audiences through captivating presentations

If you’ve read One Degree (which we first published way back in 2010), you know of John’s focus on elegantly structured card magic, made stronger through small improvements that have massive impact. With En Route, John is back with ten new card effects. Each is described in intricate detail, including a commentary on how they’ve developed over time and how they bring your audience along for a captivating ride.

Over 100 photos make the learning process seamless and as in all of John's publications, beyond the routines, he incorporates his decades of business and branding experience to offer three insightful essays to sharpen your perspective and improve your performances.

Take John's invitation to pave your way to workable ways and engaging means. You won't regret it. John Racherbaumer
All 10 items are superb! “Boxing Day” is pure genius, and “Mini-Mental” is perfect. The presentational ideas are worth their weight in gold! The book is permeated with spot on thinking about bringing meaning and relevance to your magic; all taught in ways that stick.Jack Carpenter

84 pages. Softbound and ebook options available.


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