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Expert's Portfolio - magic

The routines, sleights and stratagems found in this book will open eyes to what is really possible with a deck of cards.

The methods employed in the card magic as well as in the gambling routines are about as diabolical as you can get-while at the same time, remaining very practical since every routine can be performed while surrounded!

You will add many of these routines to your repertoire once you've experienced the impact of "A Devious Dance", "A Potent Presage" and "The D.C. Hustle," to name just a few!

"I read a lot of card books and I'm pretty critical on most. The main reason I plow through the depressing majority of them is the pleasure of an occasional find like this one. I've read many a heavy, slickly produced, high-priced and highly-hyped, full-color dust jacketed tome that didn't have a fraction of the solid card magic that Jack Carpenter provides in these pages... However good you think it's going to be, you 'll soon find it's even better." Darwin Ortiz

Pages 102, fully illustrated, soft cover coil bound.

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Chris Aguilar

This book is flat out fantastic. You'll learn Jack's incredibly visual "Impulse" change, his nearly self working triple prediction "A Potent Presage" and several wonderful gambling based routines, with "Nine Angry" men being one of the most impressive (10 hands!) "hold 'em" demos you'll ever see.