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The Open Prediction is a premise that most of the great card magic titans have tackled. But NEVER has their been a version so clean, so practical, so perfect, than this one by Manuel Llaser. Joshua Jay and Juan Tamariz can be seen performing it, as well as many other top card men.

Why? Here are three reasons:

  • It can be performed from a borrowed, shuffled pack. NO PREPARATION.
  • You see the demo video? Well, it looks JUST LIKE THAT in person. It always works, and it always looks that fair.
  • The technique is not self-working, but it is also not difficult. With a minimum of practice, you will be ready to perform.Llaser teaches several variations, extensions, and other ideas with the same principle. Rarely does someone create a category "best" so definitively, but that is the case with Manuel Llaser's FATE.
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jonathon allwood

Small but deadly in the right hands , this is must have for all who like to effect, it so brilliant new effect will pop with out you thinking of them this an open road of different types of magic that you will do! Do not pass it by because you be upset when a magical friend dose this on you .. it an hot think to no about and as well it easy to do too so any age can do it