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Trick by Gregory Wilson
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Trick by Gregory Wilson ($34.95)

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Revolution - magic
Revolution Revolution Revolution Revolution Revolution Revolution

Spinning a small item on the tip of your finger is a visceral display of skill, control and years of masterful discipline. But, who has time for all that?!

Revolution shortcuts the years of practice and allows you to look like a Shaolin Spin-Fu Master in just minutes. Gregory Wilson's new "Revolution" gimmick will allow you to spin any standard deck or standard playing card on the tip of your finger in a mesmerizing display of dexterity.

Part sportsmanlike skill and part unsportsmanlike gimmick, you'll have everything you need to get instant attention, including trick playing cards for tons of routines, expertly taught by Gregory Wilson. Greg will teach you how to spin your deck like a Globetrotter in no time.

Three Things you Need to Know about Revolution:

1. It really does look this good. There is no deception in the trailer. If you wish to make a deck of cards spin on your finger with superhuman agility, this will allow you to do so.

2. It is not entirely self-working. It's not terribly difficult, but we never want to mislead anyone. We found it took about an hour of practice to get this whipped into shape.

3. We like this because it's not always possible to add a new effect to your repertoire. But sometimes these little moments add so much to a performance, and this is one of those moments.

  • 90 minutes of video instruction from top pro, Gregory Wilson.
  • Specially designed and precision-engineered gimmick for weight, balance and spin time.
  • 3 special trick playing cards to turn Revolution into a full magic routine.
  • Easy to learn, easy to do, looks incredible.
  • No reset.
  • Can easily be added to any deck.
  • Makes a stunning ice-breaker.

Includes Gregory Wilson's "Revolution" gimmick, three specially printed playing cards and online instruction.


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  • 1.

    Spencer asks: Do you need the gimmick or does he teach an impromptu way to spin the deck?

    • 1. Tony answers: You will need a gimmick to do this trick
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  • 2.

    Byron asks: Can the deck be immediately examined?

    • 1. Tony answers: You can open the box give the deck to the spectator for examined. But you can't give the box to the spectator until you switch it with a regular box.
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This might the best thing that has hit magic in the last 20 years! Skillful, magical, amazing! I feel like a ninja when I use it! Very well made and will last for ever!

Revolution by Gregory Wilson