Trick by Underground Collective
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Trick by Underground Collective ($39.99)

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Legacy - magic

From the Underground Collective (Jamie Badman and Colin Miller), the creators of Heirloom, one of the best-selling tricks of the last decade, comes a miracle that elevates things to a whole new level. Legacy is the kind of trick we search for as magicians. It's self-contained, can be carried with you at all times, and it automatically performs an astounding trick that also let's you give a compelling presentation. They get to know YOU and YOUR MAGIC during the effect.

The effect is simple: a story of your grandfather's greatest magic trick, performed using his original props. You remove a poker hand from his old wallet and have someone think of one of the cards in the hand. You then show that even from the grave, your grandfather knew exactly which one the participant freely picked.

Legacy is an easy to perform, completely sleight-free routine that comes with a custom-made soft-leather wallet, pre-aged props and a collection of strong routines to suit a variety of styles. This is a blockbuster effect that you will be proud to carry with you.

BONUS BOOK: When you buy LEGACY, you will also instantly receive LEGACY BONUS, a twelve-page PDF that details new ideas on handling, presentation, and method. Some of the finest minds in magic have contributed ideas, and we think you'll be surprised at the layers of subtlety that you can tease out of this seemingly simple concept.


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I absolutely love LEGACY - First person I showed was my son and he is well aware of all the trick wallets, gaffed cards and stacked decks so he is not an easy one to fool. And I started off by telling him the story about my uncle and the wallet, he picked a card ( the nine of clubs ) and was blown away when I showed him I knew all along that was the card he would pick. He was sure I couldn't repeat it. Well I gave him another chance and he picked the 2 of Hearts....BLOWN AWAY!!!
Great Trick!
Quality Props!



Extremely well made. Fantastic outs. I will certainly add this into my strolling magic set. This would also be great for an off beat piece for your corporate clients as well. One suggestion. The pictures look pretty good but the writing on the back most assuredly looks like a photo-copy, however the simple remedy is to write over it with real ink, which I did and was pleased. Perhaps instead of printing the back, just have people write the appropriate out themselves. If you want a great opener and conversation starter, Legacy will provide it.



Wow and WOW. This is always in my back pocket. I take it with me all the time. Strong as death and clean as a bell. I have found if you use a 2 dollar bill, people will (most of the time) pick the 2. So I started to use a 5 and now they some times pick the 2. Also I have found by keeping the wallet on me all the time, the wallet and photo looks older. This is so great because people always ask "How did you get into magic?" I am glad you asked, let me punch you in the face with Legacy.



Do you remember when you first got into magic? Remeber getting an effect that had really cool props, a great method and story? Legacy is on of those effects that brings me back to when I first got into magic. The effect is really cool, I love the story line and the props, the wallet, the photo and cards have a great look.Legacy is really easy to perform, it's all about the story, you have a ton of room to make this extremely personal. I really like this effect and I suggest you buy it! As always, the team at Vanishing Inc are great to deal with, which is why I place an order almost every week :)