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A selected card is placed in the center of the deck you then place two white cards on top of your deck, each of the white cards possess a hole in the center. While nothing can hide them, the illusion appears in front of the spectators view!

Here is the question you have to ask your viewers...You know what a Mirage is?

A mirage is simply a hallucination...

2 white cards have at their center a hole about the size of a 2 euro piece, they are laid slowly on top of the deck and thanks to the 2 holes this is evident.
Without hiding anything or covering the deck instantly between the 2 white cards appears the spectator's card.
Illusion? Reality? or Mirage? In less time than it takes to sign the card the card disappears again , leaving only the two white cards on the end!

Spread the deck out for the viewer and their chosen card is always at the center of it.

  • No manipulation 
  • No glue , no wires , no flap 
  • Immediate reset 
  • Available in red or blue (choose on checkout)

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