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Myth is a two deck trick! But a good one though! Two decks of cards are introduced: one is opened and spread to show that the cards are in a random order. The participant is asked to name a card and then cut the deck wherever they like.

The second deck is now opened and spread to show that one card and one card only has a number written on its back. The spectator is instructed to count down to that number in the first deck. The card at the number is the very same card the spectator named!

You now draw the spectators' attention to the card which has the number written on the back, stating that you knew every choice before they were even made. You ask your spectator to turn the card over and just watch the reactions as they realize it's the very same card as the one they freely named!

Remember: your spectator named the card, they cut the deck & the number they are counting too was there before any of the selections were made! Myth has all the properties of a good trick: it is easy to perform, has no memory work and has a quick re-set.

"Myth is a serious fooler. Just when you think you know what's going on, it turns out you didn't have a damn clue! Well done Mr Gray, you have officially devised the best 'cards and numbers' trick ever." Mark Elsdon
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