NAVY Effects - Volume 2

DVD by Jaehoon Lim ($24.95)

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If you enjoyed Navy Effects - Volume 1, you are in for a treat! While in the Korean Navy, Jaehoon spent countless hours studying and creating color changes. Over the past two years, he has developed an impressive aresenal of amazing and practical color changes.

Navy Effects focuses on brand new and practical card color changes. Jaehoon teaches you each color change in detail with multiple video angles, slow motion vide and transparent cards to make for a pleasurable leadining experience..

If you love color changes, this is a DVD you must have!

Navy Effects Volume 2 is split into three sections: 

Basic Skill

  • Side steal and palm 
  • Classic and Riffle pass 
  • Spread pass 
  • Snap change 
  • Slip force 
  • Spread cull force 
  • Multiplying cards 
  • Pinky shot

Card Color Changes

  • Scanner change 
  • Stunt change 
  • V.B. change 
  • Rising change 
  • Spit change 
  • Boom change 
  • Panorama change 
  • Navy change

Routines and Tricks

  • Rising card routine 
  • Three seconds 
  • Navy Aces routine 
  • Weirdo


  • NAVY EFFECTS Volume Two 
  • Gaff cards for the routines

Running time: 82 min. 

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