Out of Sight

DVD & props by Joshua Jay
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Out of Sight

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DVD & props by Joshua Jay ($74.99)

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Out of Sight - magic

For months--ever since Joshua Jay fooled Penn & Teller with "Out of Sight," customers have been emailing us every day, asking when it will finally be ready. Friends, we have news for you. It's ready!

The reason it took so long is that each deck takes nearly an hour to craft, by hand. All the cards are custom-printed, and the deck allows someone to think of ANY card in a deck. You tell them what card they thought of, you find their card, and ALL THE OTHER CARDS ARE BLANK.

Rarely does an effect come about that has a logical, intriguing presentation woven into the magic itself. In "Out of Sight" you explore what it would be like to perform magic for a blind person.

The effect is also ENTIRELY self-working. As in, there is not a single move in the entire routine. Once you understand how the deck works, the effect performs itself. You're just there to present it.

Package includes blindfold, instructional DVD, and "Out of Sight" deck.


Customer reviews for Out of Sight

John Granrose

I watched Josh fool Penn and Teller on TV and I had seen his teaching of this on his UNREAL DVD set. So I was delighted to be able to buy an advance copy of this trick at Session 16 in January. It is everything the ad says it is. A fantastic product that I recommend with enthusiasm.


James Kard

There is not a rating that can go with this trick! Buy it, it will be worth it!


I picked this up at Magi-Fest earlier this year and it is by far one of the best tricks in my repertoire. It is simple but powerful. I absolutely love it.


jonathon allwood

From the very best mind this young man has gone into the art with an open mind now you can get see some thing cool that got use think how did he do it! Now you can rock the room too.. This been a long time coming and now he has it just right and perhaps even the best think of any card that the world has ever seen be for David vernon stared the road but Joshua Jay have ended up with some thing that is highly effective for any one well designed and family fun this what being a magician master means!


Mark Zust

Wow! Just wow! Having performed professionally as a trade show magician, close up magician and corporate speaker for more than 35 years, I thought I knew how to use magic to tell a compelling story. Joshua took me to school with this beautiful effect. If you're a hobbyist, this will improve your magic and scripting. If you're a pro, this is GOLD. It's going right into my new one-man show. Thank you SO much for sharing this and props to Christian for the incredible deck!


Gokalp Gokdemir

Very nice package
Presentation and method was perfect
Thanks Joshua


Stuart Yager

Out of Sight is powerful because of the magic and the emotion. I got mine yesterday (via Card Shark) and performed it a few hours later. I present it as a way for all people to enjoy - including those that might be blind or deaf. I am one who is hard of hearing in one ear and had a cornea transplant in one eye. So, I've spent a lot of time in hospital clinics. Well, this is my set up! I talk about watching all the patients in the waiting rooms... and wondering how many of them who can't see or hear could enjoy magic...etc. I present Out of Sight with the recurring lines of "don't talk and I won't look" etc. Getting the spectator's card is when they think the trick is over... then you knock em out with the ending of all blanks! Please limit this to a set number of decks sold (LOL). I can't believe Joshua released this to the public! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


larry gershkovich

Greatest trick yet. Fools everyone. You have to by this.


elisha galpaz miron

amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very clever!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Iresh Warnakula

The Deck is real smooth, Great job card shark, in this tutorial video includes all the details about the deck and specially how to perform it, thank you very much Josh.


I just bought the effect yesterday, and viewed the online tutorial today. I love the method to this effect. I actually just wanted to buy the deck, because his October 2016 At The Table teaches the effect. But Overall, the $49.99 value, you should totally get it! Before the price is increased. So come on and buy the trick, it's all worth the money.

I was inspired to buy this effect because of Josh's appreance on Fool Us. The effect was so clean, so good. When I learned how the effect was done, I was baffled even more!! I showed Josh's performance to my friends, they were also fooled.

I really hope my order would come ASAP, so I can perform and baffle my friends????

Totally worth it! The money and time.

I believe that whatever I wrote is how I feel just waiting for the package Hahaha!


Markus Schaettin

Joshua, this is amazing. This is one of the greatest cardtrick.


Joshua Winfield

Just totally worth it - so so easy to perform (I take the blindfold off a lot earlier than Joshua does, and, the trick still kills)


Ken Robshaw

I do this with glasses, so no blind fold, and it is still brilliant! Sometimes I don't even get them to count out the cards, I just say, 'What was the card you thought of?' as if I'm having difficulty 'reading' them. Of course, when theirs is the only card in a blank deck, it blows their minds.