Prophecy Moves and Effects

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Prophecy Moves and Effects - magic

This is a collection of moves and effects using the concept of Bill Simon’s well-known ‘Business Card Prophecy’ move. This concept involves forcing the position of one or more cards via a disguised-cut procedure.

Included is an effect called ‘Shared Prophecy’, where the magician writes down the name of a card in full view and a spectator then writes down any other card that comes to mind next to this. The Joker is inserted in the deck at a chosen point and the cards on either side are the two written cards.

Several non-prophecy, but related, items are also included.


  • Bevelled-Riffle Bottom Force
  • Bevelled-Riffle Prophecy Force (Will Houstoun)
  • Bevelled-Riffle Prophecy Move
  • Pseudo-Extraction Moves
  • Tilted Fake Removal
  • Illogical Stab-Revelation
  • Alternative Prophecy Move
  • Half-Bluff Location
  • Palmist’s ‘Business-Card’ Prophecy
  • Palmist’s Non-Prophecy Prophecy
  • Shared Prophecy
  • Fully Integrated Mindreader
  • Mirrored Coincidence
  • Prefigured Coincidence
  • One-Ahead Double Prophecy (Kevin Baker)
  • Undercover Card and Number
  • Five-Ten-Twenty Estimation
  • Pseudo Multiple Shift
  • Ribbon-Spread False Cut
  • Ribbon-Spread Prophecy Move
  • Casual Transfer-Switch Force
  • Illogical Swing-Cut Force
  • Dual Peek Control
  • Note on the Prophecy Move

A5 saddle-stitched printed booklet with card covers, 26 pages and over 60 photos.

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