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Trick by Jos Denys ($35.00)

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Shuffled - magic

"Shuffled" is a breath of fresh air in a world of impractical and overcomplicated Card At Any Number solutions. Jos Denys offers a clever routine that we believe will fool everyone. The method allows you to remain practically hands off at all times, creating a test-conditions miracle. It's easy to do, extremely powerful, and something you can learn in minutes.

In effect, two envelopes are placed on the table. A spectator is invited to fairly shuffle and examine an ungimmicked deck. You then remove the two predictions from the envelopes. One envelope contains a playing card and the second contains a number. When the spectator counts down to this number, she finds the predicted card. There's no sleight of hand or open displacements: the card really is at the number the spectator shuffled it to.

  • Use your own deck (any back design)
  • Includes two versions
  • Watch the full performance in the trailer; nothing is left out
  • No sleight of hand
  • Ingenious new method

You receive all the necessary gimmicks and a 45-minute instructional DVD featuring Jos Denys and Andi Gladwin teaching two routines using the principle (including one where the spectator's merely thought-of card is found at the predicted number).

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Customer reviews for Shuffled

Benjy Parker

I picked this up at Blackpool 2016 where Andi was demming it at the Vanishing Inc Magic booth. In short I was so fooled by his performance that I had to buy it. I shuffled the deck, I checked through the cards and I counted down to the number. It was the perfect mystery.

I have learned the hard way that there is always a "catch" or a compromise with tricks. But this one doesn't have one. The method is very clever. Andi says in the trailer that there are four different methods brought together and I think that's accurate.

This one is a true winner!


Guy Barnes

What a treat! So few effects are this refined and this impressive. I watched the video and I was fooled badly. I watched it again and I was still fooled just as badly. I had to get this and I am over the moon with it. The effect really is that clean and it is not hard to do. If this isn;t perfect, it's darn close!!


Harry Rose

How! Just how!! Even now I know the method, it still amazes me how clean this is. There aren't a load of outs, no crappy endings and no awkward moves. The teaching is really clear and the necessary 'gimmicks' are all supplied. Oh and you can use any card as well! I really recommend this!


Jim Armstrong

I felt like a kid at Christmas when this arrived in the post. If you like the trailer, I don;t even know why you are reading this review. You should have already pressed add to cart ;)

In all seriousness though, this is brilliant. And the thought of card at any number bonus is great too! 10 out of 10


Utah Patel

This arrived really quick. Thank you very much Vanishing Inc! The method is so clever and everything you need is supplied. Oh and the deck is genuinely shuffled! This is the cleanest effect I think I have ever purchased. Also, thanks for replying to my questions so quickly.


Tim Atkins

Best card trick I have ever bought. A review won;t even do this justice. Amazing.


Donald Campbell

This is an impressive trick with a very clever solution to the 'any card at any number' problem. One situation not shown in the video is that sometimes you may have to count from the bottom of the deck, that is, count from a face up deck. The DVD is very high quality and will make the handling crystal clear.


John Anders

John Anders, the Netherlands
This is one of the best-, clean and clever methods I've ever seen. With the right presentation skills this kills !!!!!!!!!


John Mason

I bought this excellent looking effect expecting it to be fairly easy to perform. However, after persevering for some time I have to say that it is not for me. Notwithstanding my reservations, it is a great ACAAN effect and if you give the time it needs you will have a real winner.


Riccardo Berdini

AMAZING. SIMPLY AMAZING. If you are smart enough you can create a lot of effects with this principle. I recommend to eliminate the envelopes and force number and card in pre show. The effect is devastating. Thanks Vanishing!


This is astounding ! Right out of the gate I was floored by the simplicity of this powerful effect. I received it on a Saturday, and performed it at the next Monday Night Magic Jam. It killed ! Bravo to its creator, Jos Deny ... and for another winner, Vanishing Inc. !!


This is a first class effect but that is not the most important thing that you should know. What you need to know is that Vanishing Inc. offer a fantastic customer experience. Their customer service cannot be faulted. It is right up there with the best. Andi and Joshua deserve the greatest success because they look to give you exactly what you want. Andi, I have thrown away the cheese grater!!! Bob Hannam


Jonathan Brown

Let me start by saying I like this trick and it's absolutely worth the price. I don't know what I was expecting. I tried anxiously trying to create a method in my head. I received it and looked at the contents. Not at all what I was expecting! It's more involved that I imagined but not in the way you would think. When you hear "gaffs" that could be anything- but here it's really no more than several minute deck preparations that work together yet is still examinable and usable for other effects. It definitely is going to require a bit of practice to make this appear effortless and as well done as the demo video (which is absolutely how an audience would see this effect- though there are multiple outcomes). Saying you could do this within a few days is reasonable (though why would you?) but for me it will require more polishing. Great effect, clever and is a innovative solution to the ACAAN style of plot.


Official review from MAGIC Magazine

From the August 2016 MAGIC Magazine. Reviewed by Francis Menotti

This fried me. One takes a teaser trailer with a grain of salt, expecting the genuine article to be somehow less satisfying. When the trick lives up to and beyond the advertisement, it is a refreshing gem. Such is the case with Jos Denys’ Shuffled, a clever twist on the Card at Any Number plot.

Along with the instructional DVD, Shuffled comes with the necessary prediction cards and simple prediction envelopes of a tough stock that should last quite a good number of performances. Which is good because, for me, Shuffled is going to find its way in front of a lot of audiences.


Eddy Smit

Eddy Smit from the Netherlands
I saw anything other than the reality. That's the secret of this effect. Beautiful and clever thinking.


Marc Rehula

This routine is not my style. I understand all the raves here, but I was underwhelmed by the method here. For me, it's a bit fussy and delicate. There are plenty of CAAN routines that I find much more practical (Barrie Richardon's come to mind). There's no deceit in the description, except perhaps the subjective 'impractical and overcomplicated'. The effect may be direct, but the method just has too many moving parts for me.


Suzanne Fry

This is a great effect and I would recommend it to most people. However I feel like there are a few drawbacks:
One- the box is not examinable so if the spectator picks up the box then the illusion could be spoilt.
Two- the gimmick can be a bit fiddly to create for the first time.
The biggest issue that I had with this DVD is that I found the instruction pertaining to the method wasn't explain clearly enough so I had to sit down and figure it out based on what I got from the DVD.
Overall though a great effect once practiced.