Siamese Twins

DVD by Bill Goodwin ($20.00)

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Whenever I see the name Bill Goodwin on a product, I buy it. Unfortunately, most of his products are unavailable as they were either before my time, or released in extremely limited quantities. That's why I'm pleased to see that Dan & Dave Buck have started to release some of Bill's material to the mainstream.

"Siamese Twins" is Bill's handling of Roy Walton's "Card Warp." Bill takes a single card, folds it in half and slows causes the card to turn inside out several times. It's an amazing handling and is really worth checking out. It's the kind of thing that every magician will be performing just because it feels so great in their hands.

The DVD comes with 30 minutes of detailed instruction with multiple camera angles, slow motion replays and bonus handlings. For $20, it really is worth adding this to your repertoire!

"Your single card Siamese Twins routine is excellent. It has some very startling sections and a great patter story." - Roy Walton

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