Six. Impossible. Things

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Book by John Bannon ($15.00)

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Six. Impossible. Things - magic

A deeper, layered kind of surprise. A mathematical drive-by. Poker and more. Go all in with John Bannon's new booklet. If you like the material from Dear Mr. Fantasy, you'll love Six. Impossible. Things.

Counterpunch: The Dunbury Delusion slams into the Biddle trick. It's not just a card trick, it's a con job. Bannon completely took Andi Gladwin by surprise with this trick! It's great.

Four Faces North: Bannon's "Last Man Standing" leaner and meaner. Shuffle the cards face-up and face-down. No way! Only Aces staring upward. 

Watching The Detectives: Continue your guided tour down the garden path. A sandwich trick from the twilight zone. You won't see it coming . . . 

New Jax: A highly-engineered, stealth fighter-like transposition. Welcome to the future. 

Origami Prediction: It's Hummer time! A mathematical drive-by. Multi-stage prediction with error-correction. Fools you when you see it. Fool yourself when you do it. 

Origami Poker Revisited: A delayed, self-referential prediction structure. In other words, a Royal Flush ending. 

Riverboat Poker: Poker on the dangerous and unpredictable riverboats. One opponent drops out after each round of cards is dealt. A royal flush beats a full house. Showdown. 

The Bannon Triumph: Re-branding Bannon's classic four-packet Triumph routine. You know it, you love it. Or, will love it . . . 

The Einstein Overkill: Fooled Einstein; might fool you. Einstein didn't get to see the kicker ending. He wouldn't stand a chance. 

There's a lot packed into this nicely-produced booklet and we're pleased to see Bannon's material back in print!

Pages: 64 - Softbound

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