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Six Pack - magic

Caleb’s newest collection of commercial card magic features six items that are all relatively easy to do but have a huge impact on the audience. Included is an effect that has fooled some of the best card magicians in the world. This is strong stuff. 

Here’s what’s included: 
  • Problem Solved – A test of synchronicity where the spectators locate all of the Hearts from a shuffled deck. 
  • All Signs Point to Yes – Joshua Jay calls this a “blockbuster practical effect.” A playful premise for a visual routine that leaves the spectator with a wonderful souvenir. 
  • Clue – An easy to do effect where ‘clue cards’ reveal the identity of the spectator’s selection… but that’s only the beginning! 
  • Elimin-ACE-ion – A mix of magic and mentalism that makes a great lead in to any four Ace trick. 
  • Armchair Mind Reading – This simple effect has fooled some of the best card guys in the world. It looks like real mind reading. 
  • Premonition and Déjà vu – A new presentation for “The Last Trick of Dr. Jacob Daley” that adds two extra magic moments to the classic routine. 

Softcover. 28 pages. 8.5? x 5.5?
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Paul Thomey

This little book is FANTASTIC! I could see each of the six effects going into any magicians working set. I know that at least three of them will be going into mine. All of the effects are straight forward and well thought out. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys good card magic that will astonish and entertain their audience.