Trick by Jay Sankey
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Trick by Jay Sankey (From $24.75 - normally $55.00)

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StarStruck - magic

STARSTUCK is like a double-barrelled shotgun. Pure magic, and pure mentalism, combined!

One spectator selects a shape from among a collection of 12 common shapes, including a square, circle, star, heart, oval, diamond, rectangle, etc.

And a second spectator freely names ANY card in the pack.

A few moments later, the chosen shape is found BURNT through the middle of the named card!!!

  • Immediately repeat the effect with a DIFFERENT card!
  • Easy to do! No sleight-of-hand!
  • Instantly resets!
  • Can be performed surrounded!
  • Amaze people with Starstruck close-up and stand-up!
Comes complete with very special Bicycle brand cards, a custom-printed packet of 12 'shape cards,' and a 60-minute DVD including many different handlings and presentations for this reputation-making effect!
"Sankey's 'Starstruck' is great! The final revelation won't be forgotten any time soon!" Nathan Kranzo
"I love the build, the moment, and the kick to the head that Starstruck delivers! STOP giving away the real workers, and share them only with me!" Bill Abbott
"'Starstruck' combines some wonderful principles and devious psychology into one blockbuster of an effect!" Richard Sanders
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Customer reviews for StarStruck

christine barger

I'm a beginner. I've been doing mentalism for a little over a year and no card magic, so the handling of this effect is brand new to me. I would say you need some magic skill or a lot of practice to do this effect properly.

Also because I'm so new the initial set-up was much more confusing and difficult than expected. He talks on the DVD that it can take 3 minutes to prep, but the way my cards came it took me 30 minutes to get it prepped to try for the first time.

But it is a cool effect when done correctly.