The Box

Trick by Mark Southworth
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The Box

75.00 usd

Trick by Mark Southworth ($75.00)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Monday morning
The Box - magic

A box with a folded card is clearly displayed trapped in rubber bands and placed into a spectators hands or pocket or nearby table. 52 cards are displayed and your spectator takes anyone and signs the card. The card is lost back inside the deck, shuffled and place away in the magicians pocket. The Box is now displayed and rubber bands removed... the card is tipped out... The spectators signed card.

  • Two second reset
  • Interchangeable gimmicks
  • Examinable
  • Portable

Includes Marks Impossible Banknote to impossible location using The Box in a way that looks like TV Magic. You'll get:

  • The gimmicks
  • A spare gimmick
  • A lockable cloth bag (with eye for a padlock)
  • DVD instructions
"The Box is a mechanical marvel! Kennedy's Mystery Box updated and ultra portable. A very powerful utility box that all magicians should carry on them."Angelo Carbone
"This is ingenious!" Peter Eggink
"This is THE best card to box I have ever had the pleasure to witness. It has everything that REAL magic should look like. Organic, open, and a diabolical method that sits right under their noses." Justin

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James Ward

I love this item. It can be anything you wish, prediction? Signed bill or card in box. It is limited to your imagination. I love that I can let the box be in the hands of the audience I have never been called on the gimmick. Yes this is like the Clarity box but this is for the magician on the go. Video is nice but it just don't do it justice till you see it happen in person.