Yannick Chretien

DVD by Yannick Chretien
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Yannick Chretien

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DVD by Yannick Chretien ($42.00)

In stock. Order in the next 16 hours, 46 minutes and it will go out today!
Yannick Chretien - magic

Visual tricks and tricks using simple methods for real world situations


Mishand: Hyper visual and ultra-smart transposition of cards in the hand of a Spectator...and easy to do!

Open Prediction: Yannick Chretien's simplified version of the Open Prediction but this one is done without any gimmicked card. Simple and effective!

ReFlipped: A visual 4 cards transposition routine...The one that impressed the greatest names in card magic including Joshua Jay.

Red // Black // Ace: Beautiful aces production which ends with separated red and black.

Cointrol: A coin disappears in a very clean way and appears in the middle of the deck...On top of the chosen card! No gimmick nor fake card!

Whooper: Double sandwich routine coupled with an instant transposition...Only difference, the magician never touches the cards.

HCDS Hiro Sakai: A visual and flourish ACE changes... Easy to learn, very impressive on the audience.

Auto Change: 2 Half-Dollars production visually changed into a dollar bill.

Two Back: A chosen card lost freely lost in the middle of a blue deck... With no sleight, all the cards immediately turn face up to expect one. The but now the whole deck became red...Except the chosen one..Huge Impact!

Betcha: Any four of a kind named are removed from the deck. The spectators are told they will travel to his pockets in a second...And guess what?...It works! No gimmicked or gimmicked card...Immediate and really clean effect!

Rubber Retro: The Paul Harris, Reset classic...4 aces change one by one into 4 kings...Only they're tied in a rubber band.

Open Travelers: Without a doubt one of the most visual and more impressive version of the Open Travelers.

Allergy: The TRICK of the DVD...TORN and RESTORED meets CARD IN POCKET routine...HUGE Effect, HUGE, impact, HIGHLY entertaining...


- The full competition routine Yannick Chretien won the 1st prize at the French championship of magic!
- A matrix with a totally amazing climax! (demo only)
- Explanation of an additional routine using the clever Muscle vanish!
- And David STONE performing the version of Yannick's Open Travelers!

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jonathon allwood

an out of this world work that is class clear clean for close up.