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Simple and stunning! On this DVD you'll learn a highly visual effect that allows you to morph credit cards, playing cards, candy wrappers, tickets, and checks into real currency! The objects melt away and change into dollar bills without any perceptible finger movement. 

Many effects are possible with "Billfold" but this one is our favorite: you wager a dollar that you will be able to find the spectator's card. You place the dollar in her fist. Then you reveal the WRONG card. "I guess you get the dollar," you say as you change the playing card INTO a dollar bill! When she opens her hand, she discovers that the dollar she was holding has changed into her folded selection.

  • Use ANY currency (even plastic money)
  • Easy to perform
  • Multiple explanations taught on the DVD

The most attractive feature of "Billfold" is the idea that you will learn to customize this trick to any small paper object that you like. Use YOUR ticket stub, or a client's business card, or anything you want ... and change it into real money! You can make your own gimmicks but for the first 1,000 people who buy Billfold we're including a sample ready-made gimmick.

Includes instructional DVD and sample gimmick for the first 1,000 people (and as you're reading this message, the gimmick is currently included!).

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