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DVD by Gaetan Bloom ($65.00)

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Bloomeries - magic

Gaetan Bloom's world opens just for us! FOUR hours of magic, including twenty tricks that illustrate exactly why Gaetan is one of the most creative magicians alive. In this two-DVD box set, you'll learn

  • The Wire 
  • The Awakening 
  • The Bottle 
  • The Buttons Travers Table 
  • Map balancing 
  • Little Figurine 
  • Buttons 
  • Ears 
  • The scarf in the Roll 
  • The Keyring 
  • The De 
  • La Bouteille 
  • Game Freer 
  • Rope Snake 
  • Polaroid 
  • The Bicycle pumps 
  • And lots more!

Total Running Time: Approximately 3hr 55mins


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