Blower Gimmick

Trick by ($40.00)

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Inflate a balloon in your hands or with your ear!

The ideal entrance magic effect for a balloon routine.

You will receive the gimmick with a password to access the online explanation video.

  • Easy gimmick load and unload.
  • The balloon may be given to the audience.
  • You can show your hands empty.
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Customer reviews for Blower Gimmick

James Ward

When you first open the package your going to think I been robbed. Well nothing could be further from the truth, go to the web site, sit back and relax and watch something amazing and then kick your self for not thinking of this yourself. The young man that made this speaks only French but the subtitling is clear and he moves at a slow enough pace for you to follow along. I will say this Blower is not for everyone, I'm sure if your really cleaver you could use this close up but Blower really is for parlor or stage magic only. Price is perfect, the quality of the item insanely perfect should last you a life time. Oh must mention you do have to purchase something special on your own to make it work depending on where you live that is about 5 bucks for a pack of 5 maybe less maybe more. Well worth it in my humble opinion.