Charming Chinese Challenge

Trick by Troy Hooser
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Charming Chinese Challenge

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Trick by Troy Hooser ($40.00)

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Charming Chinese Challenge - magic

Troy Hooser's coin magic inspired a generation of magicians and the Charming Chinese Challenge is his finest creation. For years, it has been off the market, but now it is back and better than ever. Completely re-designed under Troy's watchful eye, today we are launching the BRAND NEW edition. Custom made coins, a luxurious satin ribbon and for the first time, Troy teaches the entire routine on video. This is the must-have item of the year and you can get it in time for Christmas!

The Charming Chinese Challenge is so special because it is unlike any coin trick you have seen before. No coins traveling or disappearing or going through a table: just three Chinese coins penetrating a ribbon. It combines the best elements of ring and string with some of the prettiest coin sequences imaginable.

For years, the Charming Chinese Challenge has been performed by some of the world's greatest magicians but now you get to see how Troy does it. Who better to learn from than the originator. Also, consider this:

  • No table required
  • Almost angle-proof
  • No gaffs
  • No difficult sleights
  • Plays big

So, sit back, watch the trailer, and enjoy the Charming Chinese Challenge.

Online video instructions.


Customer reviews for Charming Chinese Challenge

Sam Fitton

Joshua's handling of this effect went straight into my working repertoire after seeing him perform this at Blackpool 2009. After a few weeks practice this effect has become one of my favourites combing both the elegance of magic with a strong visual aspect this effect leaves the audience overwhelmed. Beautiful magic.


David Wax

Bought this elsewhere years ago but noticed they were selling it here and thought I would add an over the top review. Basically the add copy is entirely true. Not too many tricks you can say that about. I consider it one of the finest "coin" tricks ever and not terribly difficult with variations available for different skill levels. Really, really good.


Nathan Lane

I am humbled and honored to see what this trick has become... I never knew my little coin trick would become such a sensation... it's like... Magic. Thanks Troy, and all the other performers, for taking it way beyond "the next level" and thanks for giving me credit.

Nate the Great
Nathan Lane


Andy Hart

Quite simply a 'go to' trick. This combines all the elements of a good close up trick in that the spectator gets to handle the items used, participates in the trick itself, it resets instantly and it can be done standing and surrounded! what more can you ask?


Tim Dowd

I also bought this at Blackpool in 2009 and it has been not only my favorite close-up closer in my professional table hopping career but also the trick I carry everyday in case I'm asked to perform... I live in a holiday paradise, so the audiences change daily... This one effect has won me numerous gigs and even earned me "on the spot" cash for impromptu restaurant work... I use a health, wealth and happiness story to convey the magic and everyone is moved, it doesn't get more powerful than this.


Max Boll

I always wanted to add something with chinese coins to my repertoire. Now I did and it's superb! The explanation that comes with it and the one Joshua taught me in one of his lectures are brilliant! It looks so clean and fair, unreal!


Dean Bootcheck

Just received this and can't say enough good things about it. I knew I purchased a quality item just from the beautiful packaging. Troy's video explanation is excellently produced, and the coins are great. Highly recommended.


William Francis

Fantastic effect. High quality props, very clear instructions, good stuff. I was not familiar with this effect prior to purchase but am already looking for others by its creator.


steve Hammill

I'very practiced this routine for years but never performed it because I did not like my props. These coins should be perfect.

I'm eager to see the refinements made to the original.


Filip Sichman

i absolutely love CCC... the quality of the coins is totally amazing... and the effect plays absolutely great. i performed it just 2 times so far, but overtime everybody was real smacked and enjoyed it. I put my own story behind it and it works just great. I am still far from perfect but i really love this one..


Neal Daugherty

I use this numerous times, five nights a week. Makes a great closer, even better as an opener. Interesting props, clean handling, lots of magic in a very short time. Highly, highly recommended.