Crystal Cleaver

Trick by Tenyo Magic
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Crystal Cleaver

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Trick by Tenyo Magic ($21.75)

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Crystal Cleaver - magic

A ring (which may be borrowed) is placed into a crystal casket and the top is closed. The box is covered with an empty tube. A magical cleaver (a small sword) is inserted into the top of the tube, and then magically pushed down through the crystal casket and through the ring. When the tube is removed, the sword is through the ring inside the casket.

English instructions included.


Customer reviews for Crystal Cleaver

Bill Thompson

The ULTIMATE and BEST EVER Tenyo item. Truly, when you talk to people who know the Tenyo line and history, this is the preferred "best" trick ever made by Tenyo. Just like they say, the method is ridiculous. It will make you smile ear to ear. I think this is one of the most deceptive, revolutionary tricks of our age. Not kidding.


Arman Diav

Ahh! I looked around for YEARS for this one. I had it when it first came out and I showed it to EVERYONE. It was my absolute favorite trick. As it indicates, you can even do it with a borrowed ring. I lost it somewhere along the line, and am so, so excited you have them again. I just ordered two! I hope you ship fast to Europe!


Luis Downing

An absolute classic, the illusion is incredible! I was gutted to lose my last one so extremely chuffed to see this in stock here, will be adding cart to now! Over the years of working on a variety of magic, this is probably the trick which my audiences asked to see again and again - ironically it's the easiest trick I know haha


jason wood

As with most Tenyo tricks, there is a little 'noise' when performing this, but it usually goes unnoticed. I worked out the method after seeing it, but a lot of people don't seem to be able to do so, so it gets the thumbs up from me.