DP II - The Return of the Dollar Punch

Trick by Card Shark ($20.00)

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We love strange effects and this is great. Imagine punching a hole in something and then de-punching the hole so the object is un-damaged!

About fifty years ago Steve Dusheck invented the effect "Dollar Punch" and sold it with great success. Unfortunately the trick was discontinued many years ago. Now you have the chance to get your hands on the next generation Dollar Punch, the DP II!

The magician introduces a mini paper punch and allows the spectator to punch a hole into a piece of paper. A Dollar bill is folded several times so that the puncher can punch 8 holes into the bill simultaneously. The bill is unfolded and the spectator can clearly see the holes. The magician folds the bill again and reverses the punching process! When the Dollar bill is unfolded, the holes vanished, the bill is unharmed.

  • A baffling effect
  • Very visual
  • Instant reset

Puncher comes in silver.

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