Energy Bill

DVD by Andrew Gerard ($45.00)

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Energy Bill - magic

Andrew Gerard has created a clever impromptu piece of magic using a genuinely new and interesting method.

In effect, the performer offers a demonstration of human energy. A bill is borrowed, signed and placed on the table. Held at the performer's fingertips, the bill starts to move. The performer lets go of the bill and steps a few feet away... the bill continues to move! Finally the performer gestures and the bill falls over!

Energy Bill has the potential to devastate even the most hardened skeptic. It's a clever discovery of an interesting principle.

Just like the most annoying magic ads, we're going to tell you exactly what the method doesn't use:

  • No threads
  • No magnets
  • No static
  • No blowing
  • Performed with a borrowed bill
  • No switches
  • Examinable before and after
  • No devices used of any kind

It's actually very clever. Like everything we stock at Vanishing Inc. Magic, it's useable, interesting and with the right presentation, could be absolutely devastating.

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