Gary Kurtz: Unexplainable Acts

Book by Richard Kaufman and Gary Kurtz ($40.00)

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Gary Kurtz: Unexplainable Acts - magic

Unexplainable Acts by Richard Kaufman is something of a cult classic and it is finally back in print!

The elusive Gary Kurtz is known as one of the great minds in close-up, and this is his only hardbound collection. Although a thin volume, the book is densely packed with outstanding, visual magic that has influenced the current crop of parlor-friendly close-up magic. You’ll learn classic stand-up coin effects like “Trio,” and magic with rings, envelopes, cards and more.

Contents of Unexplainable Acts

Hypothetical Possibilities
Constant Return
Wishful Thinking
Split Decision
Body Heat
Four Fisted
Special Delivery
Name It!
The Anticipator
The Empty Hand
Coming Out Ahead
Artistic Licence
All Together
Mirror Image

Pages 102 - Hardbound

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