Ghost Lamp

Trick by Tenyo Magic
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Ghost Lamp

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Trick by Tenyo Magic ($76.00)

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Ghost Lamp - magic

Wrap a light bulb inside of a handkerchief, and allow a spectator to wave it over several piles of cards. When the bulb comes close to one pile, it lights up! Sure enough, the top card of that pile is the spectator's selected card. To turn the light bulb off, you cut an "invisible" wire with a scissor. At the instant you snip the invisible wire, the bulb goes out! This masterpiece of magic, made famous by magic creator Scotty York, is now available through our World's Greatest Magic series. Included in this set are: a light bulb, a trick deck of cards and a special gimmick you can use for added impact.

The effect:

1. A spectator selects a card and remembers it. The card is returned, and shuffled into the deck.

2. You divide the deck into four piles, and then introduce the light bulb to your audience.

3. The bulb magically lights up, all by itself, over one of the piles.

4. The card immediately below the illuminated bulb is the selected card!

English instructions included.

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Customer reviews for Ghost Lamp

Bill Thompson

This is an expensive Tenyo effect, but I have most Tenyo items and I can honestly say it's one of the best. Just like a couple others they've chosen on the site, this is one you would actually use in a performance. Not just a toy, but a phenomenal utility prop made to last.


Ben Reed

I've used this to create one of my strongest routines to date, well made & practical, 10/10