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Incredible Close-Up Magic - magic

Meir Yedid’s book on close-up magic received rave reviews when it was first published, and it helped usher in a new era of visual, quirky close-up magic. The book received rave reviews, and in the 80s and 90s Meir set the magic world ablaze with his unique act of doing magic only with his fingers.

Although the magic world sees less of Meir these days, his book Incredible Close-up Magic exemplifies the expression “hidden treasures.” This book is FULL of cool magic, like:

Compucard - A deck of cards comes alive in your hands, moving in a bizarre, liquid-like fashion to produce a selected card.

The Invisible Poker Hand An instant, visual production of a Royal Straight Flush! ALL THUMBS: Stick your thumb through a borrowed table! GHOSTWRITER: Type a message on an invisible typewriter, then suddenly pull a sheet of paper right out of thin air!

Signa-Fusion - two person signatures on two separate cards fuse into one card, Plus BIRDS OF A FEATHER, CALCULATED MIRACLE, and more!

Hardbound, dustjacket, 136 pages, with over 150 photographs.

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