Trick by Jason Bird and Dallas Fueston
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Trick by Jason Bird and Dallas Fueston ($20.00)

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MoneyMorphosis - magic

This is, quite simply, one of the most impactful, poetic effects we have ever produced. A borrowed bill self-animates to move and form the shape of a caterpillar. Then, it transforms into an origami butterfly! The folded butterfly can be immediately handed back to the spectator as a souvenir of an unforgettable magical experience.

The best part is that the effect is practical. You can perform it surrounded, and although it uses threads, the approach is entirely workable and easy to manage, and can be mastered within minutes.

"Moneymorphosis" comes with a half hour long download which takes you through each step of the process in great detail. This is the best self-folding bill ever devised, and is NOT something other magicians are doing. Get yours instantly...and add a transformational effect to your repertoire.

Online instruction. Running Time: 29mins 58secs

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Customer reviews for MoneyMorphosis

Joshua Greenrock

This trick is awesome! The audience was blown away by the dollar bill turning into a butterfly. This man is truly an awe inspiring trick that is simple to master. You will enjoy performing this Trick for audiences of all ages.


Bruce Alter

Still practicing it, but it is going to be a very nice effect. One minor error in the video. I'm going to be vague to avoid giving anything away, but if you have purchased this, you'll understand what I'm referring to. At the beginning of one section the bill was face up when it was manipulated, but in the next section, the bill had been manipulated starting in a face down position. It took me a few minutes to understand why my bill looked different. The authors might want to modify the video by adding a couple of text lines to explain this. But, don't let this keep you from purchasing it. It will be a lot of fun to perform, and the video does a very nice job explaining everything.