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Kevin Schaller is a creative magician who has really embraced the 'street magic' genre of magic and on this DVD, he offers some great visual magic that can be performed with familiar props such as caps, bottles and drinks. 

Mugshot offers six practical and commercial effects that were designed to be performed on the street or at a serious magic gig.
All Illusions are achieved without magnets, threads or complicated arts and crafts.

Easy to do - Easy to succeed.

DVD Contents:

  • Singularity - Visual change of a playing card, clipped to your baseball cap. Impossible and unique souvenir.
  • Sham - Change any liquid inside of a cup. Change lemonade into a real lemon, water into ice or coffee into coffee powder.
  • Firearm - Turn any baseball cap into an utility prop without causing any harm to it. Make cards shoot out of the cap or change cleanly.
  • Mask of Sanity - A highly visual penetration of a straw into any bottle, no matter if it's plastic or glass. no holes or slits.
  • Dark Horse - Visually link a rubber band onto your cap.
  • Snapback - Rip and Restore a signed card, and be able to hand it out after.
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