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Parabox - magic

Fans of optical illusions will likely know the name Jerry Andrus, and have undoubtedly come across this wonderfully deceptive optical illusion, one of his more famous, Parabox.

The illusion is mind-bending. Hold it at arms length and close one eye, and in a second or two the concave image of the crate will become convex, (or dimensional). When you move the fingers holding the box it will seem to move independently, adding to the strange and wonderful optical illusion from the great Jerry Andrus.

Your purchase includes three Paraboxes that you simply cut out, fold and then tape. You will then be ready to amaze yourself and your friends.

  • Simple to create
  • Includes 3 x Paraboxes
  • Deceptive and ingenious optical illusion

Jerry Andrus designs have always proven to be difficult to get hold of so don't miss out on owning a piece of work from a renowned creator.

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