Puncture - US quarter

Trick by Alex Linian ($25.00)

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This is EXACTLY what it would look like if you could puncture a pen with a coin. Be warned…the effect is only about two seconds long, but it is so visually arresting that you’ll want to do it on everyone you see. David Blaine did it on a special a few years ago, and we can see why.

Unlike other pen through coin effects, the coin is not gimmicked, but just straight switched. And unlike the others, the pen doesn’t just go through the coin, it ALTERS the coin with visible tears where the pen goes through the metal.

There are several methods supplied, but frankly, the most visual one takes the most practice. It is NOT a hard move, but it’s a bit knacky. With about an hour of mirror practice you’ll have it down, and you’ll be able to thrust ANY pen through ANYONE’S quarter. For 25 bucks, you’re buying one CRAZY moment of magic. 

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