Reel Raven

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Accessory by Chuck leach ($34.95)

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Reel Raven - magic

Sure to please long time Raven users and new Ravenites alike. Perform all the famously visual Raven vanishes with this new version. The Reel Raven attaches quickly and easily and can be attached in more places. While the standard version is sure to remain the favorite of many magicians, the Reel Raven is uniquely different and is sure to appeal to many magicians.


Show a coin and place it on your or a spectator's hand. Show your other hand front and back, then wave it over the coin...the coin visually vanishes, or changes to a different coin. Many other effects are possible with either Raven.

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Customer reviews for Reel Raven

Evan Carlson

This worked very well. I used it about an hour after opening and got great reactions.