Trick by Peter Eggink
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Trick by Peter Eggink ($34.95)

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Sharpee - magic

Sharpee is a fantastic comedy opener for any magic routine. It breaks the ice and even conceals a few extra tricks up its sleeve!

The idea is that whenever you need something signed in your act with a marker, you reach into your pocket and pull out a mini Sharpie pen in your palm. When you uncap the miniature Sharpie it instantly grows into a big, jumbo Sharpie pen. Sharpee creates an instant laugh and is a great magical moment for spectators - perfect for creating an off-beat or for breaking the ice.

You can also magically change the wording printed on the side of the jumbo Sharpie to read 'Look inside'. When you look inside the cap, you'll find a signed bill, or a signed playing card, or whatever you vanished previously. The cap is especially designed to fit a 'well known' magician's utility item.

By inserting your own regular size Sharpie into the big pen, it can actually write too, meaning you can use it as a prop as well as a gag. A great magical item and a comedy prop in one.

  • Great visual and magical opener
  • Doubles as a writeable pen too
  • Use the cap for vanishing or appearing items
  • Magically morph the text on the jumbo pen

Sharpee looks crazy and will give great reactions. We're sure as soon as you start using it, you'll wish you always have so get your Sharpee today!

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