Sweet Penetration

DVD by Jibrizy Taylor ($19.95)

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Whether you're a fan of sugar routines or not, whether you perform a sugar routine or not, you're sure to love this great new effect from SansMinds, Sweet Penetration.

The effect is as follows. You ask a spectator to take a packet of sugar and hold it at their fingertips. You then take a borrowed, signed coin, and with no funny business you simply toss the signed coin towards the sugar packet. The moment it hits the sugar packet it melts straight into it. The spectator can see, hear and feel the magic as the coin drops in to join the sugar.

The sugar packet is then torn open and everything is left in your spectator's hands for the impossible moment to sink in as they see the signed coin drop into their hand.

Billed as an organic, everyday miracle, and one you're sure to have great fun performing.

  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to prepare - only takes a few minutes
  • Works with any small paper packet

An excellent worker's effect that will no doubt leave your spectators in awe.

Please note: Television rights are NOT included with your purchase. All television rights reserved and available from SansMinds Magic only.

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